The Five Best Takeout Spots on Nantucket

Whether you’re looking to grab a beach picnic to-go or just don’t want to sit inside a restaurant, you have plenty of options for takeout on Nantucket. Via Mare at Greydon House offers everything from fresh salads and handy small plates to Venetian-inspired  entrees and top-notch wine bottles to go (and to stay indoors, on the terrace, and in the garden out back), but if you’re interested in Nantucket culinary offerings farther afield, we rounded up a few of our favorite takeout spots for a delicious and convenient taste of the island. 

The Best Takeout Spots on Nantucket

From massive mid-day sandwiches and late-night comfort food  to the some of New England’s best lobster rolls, the best takeout spots on Nantucket don’t disappoint. Read on for a list of our favorites.

Something Natural

Locals have been frequenting this quaint bakery and sandwich shop, located a short walk from Greydon House on the outskirts of downtown, for half a century—and for good reason. The bread is housemade and down-right delicious. The sandwiches are piled high and will keep you full for hours. And the cookies are nothing short of gigantic. There are plenty of picnic tables on site for outdoor eating, but the staff is happy to brown-bag meals for the beach. Take them up on the offer: Steps Beach is just a ten-minute walk away.


You’ll think nothing of this hole-in-the-wall eatery as you pass it on the walk from the ferry to Greydon House. That is, until you’re ravenously hungry and in need of a comforting, quick bite—especially late at night. The family-owned local favorite serves top-notch fast food, from satisfying burgers and sandwiches to Jamaican specialities like oxtail and jerk chicken. The to-go window also sells candy, chips, muffins, coffee, and other snacks if you’re looking for something to tide you over before or after a ferry ride. 

Pizzeria Gemelle

This isn’t your ordinary pizza joint. The neighborhood pizzeria, from the folks behind Via Mare, specializes in twelve-inch Neapolitan-style pies made with three-day fermented dough and topped to perfection with ingredients like housemade sausage, sliced guanciale, fresh white shrimp, and cave-aged pecorino. Order a few fresh pies, an insalata or two, some tiramisu, and a couple of bottles of wine and make it a beach picnic. 

CRU Oyster Bar

Located right on the water by the Hy-Line ferry terminal, this upscale oyster bar is known for serving up top-quality seafood with a view, but they also offer part of their menu to go. If you’re looking to savor one of Nantucket’s best lobster rolls at your favorite beach or in your hotel room, this place is for you. 

Lemon Press

Great for a healthy snack on the go, Lemon Press offers everything from specialty lattes and smoothies to nourishing salads, wholesome breakfast bowls, and satisfying lunch options, with plenty of vegan and gluten free dishes to choose from. The organic eatery and cafe also sells plant-based and dairy ice cream and even craft their own cocktails using their own cold-pressed juices. With food and drinks that look as good as they taste, Lemon Press is perfect for the hungry and health-conscious strolling along Main Street.

For more excellent Nantucket take-out spots, consult this list of open restaurants from the Town of Nantucket, or ask reception for a copy when you check in with us at Greydon House.

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