The Best Nantucket Beaches

Go Off the Beaten Path With Greydon House

From the tranquil waters of Nantucket Sound on the north side of the island (within walking distance of Greydon House), to the crashing waves and sunsets on the south shore, these are the best Nantucket beaches to explore.

Secret Nantucket Beaches

With 82 miles of coastline, our island has countless secret Nantucket beaches. While many Nantucket locals head for the beach, they don’t frequent the official destinations you’ll find on the map. With sand road access, no lifeguards or snack snacks, and informal names like “Gunrack” or “Water Tower,” here’s a guide to Nantucket’s lesser-known beaches.

Best Nantucket Beaches: North Shore vs. South Shore

The island’s north shore fronts the Nantucket Sound, a calm expanse of water between Nantucket and Cape Cod. Nantucket beaches on the North Shore are quiet with little to no surf and generally warmer waters than the South Shore, which has moderate to heavy surf on the Atlantic Ocean.

Ladies Beach

Also known as “Fat Ladies Beach,” though that’s not a fair assessment of the beachgoers here (if it ever was). Expect moderate surf and a good number of surfers under the right wind conditions. Pick up a picnic lunch (and a bottle of rosé) from Bartlett Farm on the way.

Access: Take Hummock Pond Road out toward Cisco; turn left on Bartlett Farm Road; just past the farm, it becomes a dirt road. Follow the dirt road to the ocean. Small sand parking lot with additional parking along the road.


Between the previous two beaches, Gunrack is particularly popular with surfers.

Access: Take Hummock Pond Road out toward Cisco; right before the bike path ends, turn left on Heller Way; follow Heller down until it dead­ends; turn right on Walbang Avenue and follow to the beach.

Nonantum Road Beach

Closer to Surfside, this beach is a true local’s spot, accessible by a short path through beach shrubs; you’re rewarded by a wide open beach with few other beachgoers.

Access: Take Surfside Road toward the south shore, and turn left just before the Surfside parking lot on Nonantum Road. Go down a block and turn right on narrow Woodbine Street; drive to the water. Limited parking.

Fishermans Beach

As might not surprise, a big fishing destination. Has a broad, flat beach similar to nearby Surfside but without the crowds, and is just a short walk from a sizable parking lot

Access: Take Surfside Road toward the south shore, and turn left just before the Surfside parking lot on Nonantum Road. Fisherman’s Beach road is the fourth right. Large parking lot.

Western Avenue Beach

Just opposite Nantucket’s youth hostel — yes, this tiny island has a youth hostel, housed in an 1873 former life­saving station — is another beautiful, uncrowded stretch of Surfside. It’s a long walk down the path and stairs to the beach, but with dramatic views over the water that make it worthwhile.

Access: Take Surfside Road toward the south shore, and turn right on Western Avenue just before the water. Drive to the end of the road past the “Land Bank” sign to a sand parking area; the access path is on the left.

Steps Beach

Steps is hardly a well-kept secret, but with no parking lot and no lifeguard, it surely qualifies. With access from the Nantucket cliffs, Steps boasts the most dramatic views of any island beach. Walk through a short sand path and you’ll be met with expansive views out onto the Sound, with a wooden staircase (the namesake Steps, naturally) descending to the sand. A public alternative to the Cliffside Beach Club, with equally calm waters and beautiful sunsets.

Access: From Cliff Road, turn right on Mooers Avenue and left on Lincoln Avenue. Lincoln Avenue wraps into Lincoln Circle; at the point nearest the water is the access path. With little parking in this residential area, it’s easiest to walk or bike.

Nantucket Beaches You Can Drive On

40th Pole is located on the North Shore of the island and has small waves, which makes it ideal for children and families. This is one of the Nantucket beaches where you can drive on the beach with the appropriate town beach permit. Information on town beach permits can be obtained from the Town of Nantucket.