Brandon Jellison’s Winter Guide to Nantucket

Brandon Jellison, founder and owner of Lavender Farm Wellness, the “Best of Nantucket” wellness center offering functional medicine, massage therapy, and mindfulness meditation, shares his favorite Nantucket winter activities.

Go for a run

Did you know that over 50% of Nantucket is protected conservation land? When the tourists empty out after the summer, town gets quiet, making it the perfect time to explore the far reaches of the island. “I love running the moors and beaches on Sunday mornings with Monument running group,” says Brandon. “Non-members are welcome and run locations are posted on Facebook. Each run covers a different conservation area on the island, making it a great way to stay fit while exploring Nantucket.”

Take a swim

“I love doing cold plunges, Wim Hof-style,” says Brandon. In recent years, cold body therapy has gained serious popularity, because it’s linked to numerous health benefits. Studies show that a cold plunge produces a critical chemical in the body that helps regulate attention, focus, and energy. If cozy weekends indoors aren’t your style, meet Brandon and jolt your Nantucket winter day into action at Galley Beach, where he takes an icy dip every Sunday at noon. 

Order a hot drink

While many of Nantucket’s famous restaurants close for the season, trusty year-round spots remain open for locals and those in the know who come to experience the joys of the island in the off season. The best way to get warm in the Nantucket winter season? “I’ll grab a hot cider or Chai tea latte from the Corner Table, right across the street from Greydon House.”

Join us for Nantucket winter and spring weekend wellness retreats

Brandon and Lavender Farm Wellness are leading two weekend wellness retreats at Greydon House in February and April 2022. As a guest, you’ll enjoy Lavender Farm’s private yoga, massages, and functional medicine services from the comfort of Greydon House. In addition to services provided in Greydon House’s limited-run wellness room, retreats include: a functional medicine consultation, a massage or private yoga session, a two-day juice and veggie cleanse, and a guided forest bathing/mindfulness meditation at the Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge. Want to book a wellness retreat? Learn more and grab your spot before they’re gone!

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