Visit these Secret Nantucket Beaches

One of Nantucket’s defining virtues is its fabulous spread of Atlantic beaches, an enduring draw that has made the island one of New England’s legendary summer getaways for more than a century. Given the starring role they play among Nantucket’s attractions, some of those sandy strands (Surfside, Cisco, Madaket, and 40th Pole, to name a few) can be crowded indeed during peak summer season.

But there are plenty of less-thronged beaches treasured by locals: Blissful seashores that, compared to their über-popular counterparts, can feel almost secret. Nantucket beaches of both the secret and not secret variety are your easy-to-reach playground as a Greydon House guest. Here you’ll find a list of some of those somewhat more off-the-radar strands, and below a spotlight on a few of our favorites.

South Shore Secret Beaches

The South Shore has rougher, more dramatic breakers than the North Shore. Its beaches draw surfers and also make for some stirring oceanfront ambles, so watch out for rip currents if you want to take a dip.

Some of our favorite South Shore secret beaches include Ladies Beach (less generously known as Fat Ladies Beach), accessed off Bartlett Farm Road; Schneidy’s off Austin Locke Way, the drive to which delivers some gorgeous views of coastal moors and seascapes; Gunrack off Walbang Avenue, coveted by wave-riders; and Fishermans Beach along Nonantum Road, which offers a similarly broad expanse of sand to the South Shore’s heavily trafficked Surfside Beach but without the big crowds. Look out for unnamed South Shore secret beaches treasured by locals off Nonantum Road and another off Western Avenue. Check our Secret Beaches page for more details.

North Shore Secret Beaches

The calmer waters of the North Shore make for prime ocean swimming conditions. Steps Beach is a cliff-edged shore off Lincoln Avenue that, for our money, lays claim to the best scenery of any beach on Nantucket (don’t miss the superlative sunsets). Water Tower Beach (aka Washing Pond Beach), reachable via Washing Pond Road, provides a quieter alternative to famed Dionis Beach and tempts budding naturalists with its tidepools.

A Nantucket Beach Getaway at Greydon House

Really, you can’t go wrong with any Nantucket beach: Even the crowded ones have charm (they’re popular for a reason). After a long day in the sun and on the sand, check into our boutique hotel on Broad Street here at Greydon House and enjoy plenty of the island charm all year round.

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