Travel often means a break your overall health and wellness routine. But that doesn’t need to be the case:  In Nantucket, our hotel visitors can create a getaway that lets them get away from indoor fitness altogether.


Paddle Nantucket offers a variety of group and private classes, including stand-up paddling boarding lessons for all skill levels, vinyasa yoga and meditation paddle-boarding, and sunrise and sunset tours (starting at $45 and up).


Yogis (or those aspiring to be so) can take in the early morning calm of the South Wharf with a 9am weekend class ($15) offered through The Skinny Dip, a summer collective of clothing brands and event offerings.


Or start your beach day early with a barre class by the water: During summer weekends, Go Figure barre studios offers multiple sessions ($25) at an off-site location on Nobadeer Beach. The studio has transformed a 1979 Pinzanger bus into a class prop: Barres are mounted on the side of the bus, and all the equipment is stashed on board.


For those who prefer to sweat indoors, Go Figure, a national barre studio with nine locations that teaches The Figure Method, also offers their classes all week long inside their Amelia Drive studio. Nearby, also on Amelia Drive, is SUPTA Yoga Nantucket, which offers both warmed and non-heated yoga seven days a week in a beautifully lit studio ($20 a session; $85 for a week pass).


And CORE has been the go-to, upscale apparatus-based Pilates studio in Nantucket for nearly a decade, since founder Courtney McKechnie set up shop on the island, and began offering both her knowledge of Pilates as well as a cleverly curated retail shop of work-out goods in the same space. Most sessions are by appointment ($105 for a single to $200 for four people), albeit a group class is available daily at 5:30pm. “Our clients run the gamut from young exercisers that just want a great workout, to golfers who want to strengthen their swing, to older clientele that may be looking for a great workout as well or may be recovering from an injury and are looking for a safe form of exercise to get back to feeling strong again,” says McKechnie. “There are lots of people on Nantucket that care about their health and take time out of their busy and productive lives to work on strength, balance, and overall wellness.