Snag Your Ticket to the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket

Small town feels with big-city talent—that’s the idea behind the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket. The downtown playhouse boasts Broadway and local shows alike while hosting some of the most talented actors on the East Coast. Start planning your trip to the island with a visit to the classic show house. 

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Everything You Need to Know About the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket

Get your ticket to one of Nantucket’s oldest acts at the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket. The theatre encompasses actors from all backgrounds and shows for every age. Don’t miss out on the action during your next trip to the island. 

  • About the Theatre

The Theatre Workshop of Nantucket was founded in 1956. Since then, it has stood as a beacon to provide jobs, support local businesses, and inspire the community. The theatre is open year-round, showcasing everything from Broadway plays to locally produced scripts. Take a walk under the lights by auditioning for a role in one of the season’s productions or sign up for one of the theatre’s exciting workshops. Discover the heart of the island through the thrill of the theatre this season. 

  • Upcoming Shows

Regardless of the name on the marquee, you can be sure to experience a five-star performance when you visit the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket. For a complete list of upcoming events and show dates, be sure to check the website directly. 

    • Matilda: November 22 – December 14

The Tony Award-winning, Ronald Dahl’s creation, “Matilda” is coming to Nantucket this winter. Follow in the steps of a child who overcomes her cruel settings with a whole lot of love from an exceptional teacher and a little bit of magic. Watch as Matilda overcomes the odds and rises to the top in this feel-good show. 

  • Ticket Information

All shows are located in Bennett Hall off of Centre Street. Tickets are available online or at the box office. Securing your tickets online allows you to choose your seat and ensures the best possible price. Ticket prices range from $27-$57 depending on the season and seat selection.   

Local Tip: You’ll want to purchase your tickets in advance during the summer months. Due to the size of the theatre, tickets sell out fast during the vacation season.

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