Nantucket Architecture: Designing a Masterpiece

Greydon House is Nantucket’s newest and sleekest boutique hotel to adorn the island, but do you know the immense detail that went into the creation of this one-of-a-kind Nantucket hideaway? From the carefree Bohemian style to the traditional woodworkings of a sophisticated era of whaling and luxury, the hotel truly invents its own genre. Discover Nantucket architecture through the fresh eye of a nostalgic time during your next visit to Greydon House. 

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Discovering True Nantucket Architecture at Greydon House

Close your eyes—breath in the salty smell of the harbor and the gentle waves crashing just steps away. Take in the overflowing window boxes of sweet potato vines and petunias. Hear the authentic wooden floors lightly creak as you greet the smiling concierge at the front desk. It’s Nantucket architecture at its best, and we’re so excited to show you around.

  • History

greydon sitting areaThe island of Nantucket is preserved in a way that is par to none. Old town Nantucket protects its buildings from teardowns by historic designation, and there is minimal land available for purchase within the city limits. The original Greydon House building was home to a prominent Nantucket doctor and his family from the 1920s until it was purchased by brothers Jeremy and Alex Leventhal. 

Committed to restoring the building to its original style while keeping true to timely trends, the hotel started renovations with NYC’s premier design firm, Roman and Williams. By combining dark interior textures with a radiant gypsy style, thus was the birth of Greydon House. 

  • Atmosphere

Like all good architecture, the atmosphere at Greydon House is the perfect juxtaposition of airy and heavy. The traditional wooden room key blended with an advanced key card system; the massive wooden fireplace with the whimsical tassels that adorn it; the intricate, hand-painted Dutch and Moroccan tile walk-in showers with the sleek shiplap walls. They are all gleaming examples of effortlessly blending the new and the old. Step in for yourself for the ultimate Nantucket experience.

  • Style

greydon house roomSome would describe Greydon House as traditional Nantucket with a hint of vibrant flare. Others would describe it as a Bohemian paradise while staying true to the island’s roots. 

One thing is sure, Greydon House has a style all of its own

The framed “sailor’s woolies” and towering bookshelves scattered with thick novels and wooden boat figures pay homage to the island’s rich whaling past. At the same time, the brass fixtures and John Robshaw linens represent a more worldly outlook.    

Stay in a Piece of Nantucket Architecture

Federal Suite Greydon HouseExperience the beauty of Greydon House for yourself when you reserve your space in our 20-room boutique hotel. The Federal Suite is a masterpiece among Nantucket suites. The 345-square-foot room boasts a plush queen-size bed, vaulted ceilings, a residential-style entrance of its own, and the finest furnishings that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Remember to book directly to earn the best price and the friendliest service. Ditch third-party sites and leave booking fees and limited customer service in the past. We can’t wait to show you around our piece of paradise at Greydon House!