Lodging for Daffodil Festival

The last weekend in April sees our fair island of Nantucket celebrating springtime in exuberant style, and with boutique accommodations in the heart of it all at Greydon House you can join in the party!

The 45th Annual Nantucket Daffodil Festival, organized by the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce and presented by Cape Air, will be underway from April 26th to April 28th this year: before you know it, in other words, which means you should lock down your Nantucket Chic guest room or suite at Greydon House for the occasion today!


The Nantucket Daffodil Festival

Islanders and visitors alike join in the vernal extravaganza that is the Daffodil Festival, a cultural fixture in Nantucket since the 1970s. From the decked-out headwear of the Daffy Hat Contest to the famous Antique Car Parade, this is a bloom-tastic weekend you should definitely try to be a part of.

The Daffodil Festival encompasses a whole host of events, as you can see by taking a gander at the packed-to-the-gills schedule from last year. They include the aforementioned Daffodil Festival Hat Pageant, the Daffodil Festival Children’s Parade, the Daffy Dog Parade, and the Antique Car Parade, which comes followed up by the Tailgate Picnic out in Sconset. It goes without saying that there’ll be plenty of daffodils on display as well.

Helping round out the flower-power proceedings are wine tastings, art exhibits and receptions, all sorts of sales, live music, and onstage entertainment courtesy of the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket. A variety of island tours tend to be a part of the festival as well: Last year, for example, you could weave some sightseeing and history with the Original Nantucket Ghost Walk as well as various outings run by Nantucket Walking Tours, including the “Fabulous Mansions of the Cliff & Brant Point Exercise Walk” and the “Great Writers on Nantucket Walk.”


Join Us at Greydon House for the 45th Annual Nantucket Daffodil Festival

From start to finish, the Nantucket Daffodil Festival is a delightful embrace of the spring season on our “Grey Lady” isle. We’d love to host you for the annual blowout here at Greydon House on Broad Street: Our boutique accommodations will set you within wonderfully easy reach of the festival goings-on, not to mention such enticing spring hotspots as our celebrated beaches and an extensive network of flower-perfumed bike trails. Make your reservation at our charismatic hotel in Nantucket Town for the last weekend of April and get a little daffy with us and the rest of the island!