Lodging for Cisco Brewers on Nantucket Island

There are many, many reasons why Nantucket is so swoon-worthy, from its legendary beaches to the well-preserved historic New England architecture. Another crucial attribute? Locally brewed craft beer with which to toast all this island goodness.

That’s right: Nantucket has its very own brewery, Cisco Brewers, and if your tastes run toward the malty and hoppy side of the spectrum, we heartily advise a visit during your next stay with us here at Greydon House. 



Cisco Brewers has been making awesome Nantucket beer for more than two decades, established by Randy and Wendy Hudson as an outgrowth of Dean and Melissa Long’s long-running local winemaking enterprise, Nantucket Vineyards. (Today, the family also includes Triple Eight Distillery, producer of fine spirits.)

The brewery’s tasting room is open year-round (except for a week in January—“Cisco’s Winter Break”), so whenever you come stay with us you’ve got the opportunity to sample its creations right where they’re brewed up. The Cisco Brewers lineup includes such year-round stalwarts as Whale’s Tale Pale Ale, Grey Lady Ale, and Shark Tracker Light Lager, brewed in support of the well-known shark research organization OCEARCH. (Some of the proceeds from sales of the Shark Tracker Light Lager go to support OCEARCH’s efforts to conserve ocean ecosystems—a partnership also celebrated in the name of one of the great white sharks the researchers have tagged, the young male “Cisco,” whose Atlantic wanderings you can follow right here.)

Then there are primo seasonals such as the Winter Shredder and the Summer Lager, plus the elite bottles in the Island Reserve and Woods series.



You can also take a tour of the facilities, a behind-the-scenes look that comes complete with a tasting glass for sampling a pair each of Cisco Brewers beers, Nantucket Vineyard wines, and Triple Eight Distillery spirits. Keep track of when these illuminating (and thirst-quenching) public tours are being offered right here.



It’s a blast to visit Cisco Brewers out on Bartlett Farm Road in the Nantucket countryside. You’ll also have the opportunity to quaff Cisco beers at any number of Nantucket eateries, including our restaurant here at Greydon House (which opened for the 2018 season on March 15th!).

We’re mighty glad to have Cisco Brewers whipping up such beach-friendly craft beer right here on Nantucket—and mighty glad to introduce those locally made suds to our Greydon House guests!