September, Nantucket’s Farewell to Summer

Do you feel as if summer’s slipping through your fingers? Well, fight that feeling: There’s still plenty of the season left to enjoy here in the New England paradise of Nantucket, and indeed September’s one of the very best times of year to pay us a visit here at Greydon House.

All things considered, it’s hard to beat the month on our hallowed isle. The sun’s still friendly and full-strength, the sand and waters nice and warm—and yet the peak of summer tourism has passed and you’ll get to enjoy that much more elbow room amid the maritime splendor.

We invite you to come join us here at Greydon House for the end-of-summer magic on Nantucket Island, which needless to say is doled out prodigiously by Mother Nature and the one-of-a-kind culture and mood on this legendary ocean haven.


The Joys of Nantucket in September

With sunshine-filled skies, balmy temperatures, and crowds thinning (due to the reality of workdays and school schedules), a Nantucket September has much to relish. Now’s the perfect time of year to wander the calm beaches of the North Shore or the more dramatically surf-tossed ones of the South Shore, staking out your own place in the sand for sunrise or sunset meditations, or maybe afternoon deep-reads under a beach umbrella. From the sprawling views of Steps Beach to the surfer’s mecca of Gunrack, take a gander at our recommendations for seashore forays right here.

Nantucket’s a well-known destination for exercising that shopping bug of yours, and with fewer tourists on the island September’s retail therapy comes laidback and slow-paced. Whether it’s quirky souvenirs, boutique treasures, or a who’s-who of luxury brands, you’ll have no shortage of stores to glean through during your late-summer idyll at Greydon House.

With the quieter vibe on the island, this is also a fabulous season for appreciating Nantucket’s many historical landmarks: from gorgeous lighthouses and the über-venerable Jethro Coffin House (erected in the 1680s) to the highly esteemed Whaling Museum right across the street from us—a place to dive deep into the Melvillian side of Nantucket’s history, and marvel at such artifacts as the titanic skeleton of a sperm whale that washed in from the depths on New Year’s Day 1998 and now commands the museum’s main hall.

And, naturally, the many pleasures of Greydon House run as strong and deep this side of the calendar as any: whether it’s haute cuisine and cocktails at our on-site restaurant and bar, easy access to sumptuous wellness sessions and treatments, and of course the sheer character and comfort of our “Nantucket Chic” guestrooms.


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Come taste for yourself the entrancing mood of Nantucket in September with a luxurious getaway at Greydon House: the absolute perfect way to mark the end of summer on the New England seacoast.