Lodging for the 4th of July on Nantucket Island

Given its position caressed by Nantucket Sound and the North Atlantic, and the bountiful marine churn under the mingled influence of both the cold Labrador Current and the warm Gulf Stream, it’s no surprise Nantucket Island is a fabulous place to enjoy fresh seafood—has been for centuries.

And as a guest of ours here at Greydon House in the heart of Nantucket Town, you’re not simply within easy strolling distance of a whole menagerie of fine seafood establishments: You’ve got some of the very best served up daily right here within our boutique hotel.


The Restaurant at Greydon House

Informed by the seasons, upscale yet authentically warm and inviting, our Greydon House restaurant puts a strong emphasis on the gifts of the brine. Consider your stay with us here on Broad Street as more than simply a bask in boutique luxury and a ridiculously convenient launch pad for Nantucket-wide explorations: Think of it as a deep celebration of place on the plate.


Seafood Delights at the Greydon House Restaurant

Black cod embellished by yellow wine sauce and accompanied by young leeks, snow peas, and cucumber. Pasta bejeweled with mussels, clams, and shrimp and awash in shellfish sauce. Luxuriant lobster broth with morel mushrooms, spring peas, and asparagus agnolotti. Yellowfish tuna served crudo-style alongside warm jasmine rice, avocado, jicama, and Japanese mint. Pan-roasted scallops with yuzu citrus sauce and spring peas. A platter of oysters tastefully doused with lime mignonette.

Such are some of the seafood highlights of the Greydon House menu, which certainly isn’t lacking in them. A stone’s throw from Nantucket’s coastal waters, you can tuck into an evocation of the ocean’s bounty passionately prepared and elegantly presented.


Nantucket’s Best Seafood on a Greydon House Getaway

You won’t find better Nantucket seafood than that on offer at the Greydon House restaurant, but there’s no question you can enjoy other topnotch preparations elsewhere on the island with our hotel as your home base: from the Nantucket Lobster Trap (23 Washington St.) to CRU (1 Straight Wharf). We invite you to eat well with us here at Greydon House in one of the most auspiciously situated places in the country for any seafood connoisseur!