A Hotel You Can Bike to and from on Your Nantucket Getaway

Easily one of the very best ways to see Nantucket Island is by bicycle: With our level countryside, extensive bike paths, and postcard-perfect New England maritime scenery, you really couldn’t ask for a better destination for cycling.

So bikeable is Nantucket, and so convenient is our Broad Street hotel to the ferry docks, that you can easily pull off your whole vacation with us on two wheels. Bring your own bike or rent one from any of numerous outlets and pedal your way to Greydon House for the best in boutique accommodations on the island—and enjoy the perfect jumping-off point for cycling sightseeing all across Nantucket!


Biking Nantucket

network of bike paths—better than 33 miles’ worth—covers much of Nantucket Island, from the old whaling village of ‘Sconset in the east to Madaket in the west, and from the South Shore up to Wauwinet in the northeast. Armed with a map of these trails (easily available at rental shops), you can explore to your heart’s content.

Nantucket’s topography tops out at just a little more than 100 feet, so you’re not going to be slogging up tough grades here. You may have some stiff island winds to contend with depending on your exposure and direction of travel.

The bike shops on Nantucket rent models ideal for island touring: both “comfort bikes” perfect for leisurely pedaling and hybrids with some of the more robust elements of a mountain bike.


Touring Nantucket by Bike

It’s easy, safe, and pleasurable to embark on your own self-guided biking journeys around Nantucket, with Greydon House your dreamy home base. Coastal bluffs and ravishing beaches, romantic lighthouses and historic towns: Pedaling your way around locks you into this timeless landscape like nothing else.

If you’d like a guide, though, consider joining one of the outings led by Nantucket Bike Tours. The company has a variety of on-the-go itineraries, from family-oriented tours to a delightful one ending up at Cisco Brewery. Learn some historical nuggets and see some of Nantucket’s signature landmarks with your knowledgeable and friendly Nantucket Bike Tours guide.


A Bike Getaway to Nantucket at Greydon House

So rent yourself a bike (or bring yours over on the ferry) and pedal your way to Greydon House for boutique lodgings, delicious on-site cuisine, and unfailingly excellent hospitality, and take advantage of our Nantucket Town location for some world-class cycling touring.