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Maria Mitchel Association Aquarium on Nantucket

The island of Nantucket sits at a fascinating meeting ground of marine ecosystems, right at the northern end of what’s called the Embayed Section of the Middle Atlantic Coast. An interesting mix of northern and southern sea life mingles here, and you can get a taste for the diversity firsthand within just a few blocks of Greydon House.

We’re talking about the Maria Mitchell Association Aquarium, set right along the shores of Nantucket Harbor and home to a wonderful spread of undersea critters. The variously finny, clawed, and shelled tenants rotate in and out of the exhibits: They’re caught locally by the Maria Mitchell Association staff or by fishermen, and released back into their native habitat at the end of each season.

You never know just what you’ll see at this fine institution, in other words—but you’ll always get a rich picture of what’s going on amid the vibrant biological systems of our local waters!

The Maria Mitchell Association Aquarium

The aquarium is one of several facilities managed by the Maria Mitchell Association, a non-profit science organization named for a 19th-century Nantucket astronomer and educator who discovered a comet in 1847 from a vantage atop a building along Main Street right here in town.

In the Outdoor Circle Tank, you might nab an up-close look at horseshoe crabs, dogfish sharks, or spider crabs, while the Touch Tank offers hands-on communion with crustaceans, snails, and other little critters. The exhibits within the aquarium, meanwhile, showcase all manner of other Nantucket sealife: Depending on what’s on display in a given season, you might see spider crabs, jellies, seahorses, sea bass, or lobsters, to name some common examples.

Your admission to the Maria Mitchell Association Aquarium also gives you access to several of the organization’s other facilities: The Natural Science Museum, which includes a variety of terrestrial and freshwater fauna native to the island; the Vestal Street Observatory, dedicated to the heavens above; and the Mitchell House, the 1790-built Quaker house where Maria Mitchell grew up.

Get to Know the Marine Splendor of Nantucket With a Visit to the Maria Mitchell Association Aquarium

The next time you take advantage of our boutique hospitality here at Greydon House, consider a stroll over to the Maria Mitchell Association Aquarium: There’s nothing like locking eyes with a trigger fish or a mantis shrimp hailing directly from the rich brine just a stone’s throw away!